Coloured Acetate Sheets Transparent Gel Clear OHP Craft Plastic Acetate Film



Product Description

  • Habercrafts Branded Acetate Sheets, This Super Versatile Material Can Be Used For Almost Anything From Card Making, Scrapbooking, Overlays, Dust Cover, Protective Overlays, Craft Projects, Lighting Effects, 3D Glasses, Stained Glass Windows, Reading Aids For Dyslexia, Visual Stress Relief, Painting, Colour Mixing, Learning Aids And Much More 
  • Made Of High Light Transmission Material, With Light Weight Steady Colour Temperature, And Low Loss Colour Filters Used For Lighting Effects And Colour Correction, And In Filtering Of Different Light Wavelengths 
  • Thick 100 Micron Quality, Perfect For Easily Cutting To Shape And Remaining Robust, Making It Perfect For Decorations And Celebration Projects, Crafts And Kids Projects 
  • Not Suitable For Printing Or Using With High Heat Sources
  • Available In A Range Of Sizes (A4 And A3) And Colours (Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow And Clear) In Various Pack Sizes (1 To 100 Sheets)

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