Clear Fishing Wire Nylon Non Stretch Beading Transparent Clear Cord Choose Sizes



Product Description

Habercrafts Clear 0.45mm X 100 Meters Nylon Thread Is Nearly Invisible And Is Very Strong With A High Tensile Strength Which Allows It To Holds Approx 9Kg Of Weight. Made From A Nylon Monofilament Allows The Wire To Be Non Stretch With Little To No Elasticity And So Strong It Cannot Be Cut Or Broken By Hand, But Can Be Easily Cut With Scissors Or Sharp Tool. Perfect For Jewellery & Bracelet Making, Sewing, Beading, Balloon Arches, Hanging Ornaments, And Making Floating Decorations Whether Its Christmas, Halloween Or Any Special Occasion. Each Spool Contains A Massive 100 Meters And Is Designed With 2 Gaps Under The Sticker, To Hold The End Of A Thread So You Can Easily Start Where You Left Off With No Tangles Or Messes. Available In The Full Range Of Widths & Approximate Tensile Strengths (0.15mm Holds 0.9Kg, 0.25mm Holds 2.7Kg, 0.45mm Hold 9Kg, 0.7mm Holds 20Kg And 1mm Holds 40Kg) For Any Application Regardless The Size

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